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1. If You Don't Have Anything Nice to Say... I've had long conversations about this, about why we say terrible things to ourselves that we wouldn't dare say to anybody else. It's a bit funny, isn't it? Not ha-ha funny, but just a "why am I doing this?" funny with a small chuckle to take the edge off.

2. Three Year Anniversary Living in New York City I hope someday I get to a write a post about my three year anniversary in New York City, ah!!

3. How to Balance Your Day Job and Your Passion Project (For Bloggers and Creatives) A lovely bunch of tips for any type of blogger!

4. The London Dispatch, Volume II: Gucci Resort 2017 There is just something about the old cat-lady style of Gucci that just gets me. It has the pleated midi skirts, insanely high-waisted pants, layers upon layers of blouses and house's just so much all at once and yet it's never enough.

5. What to Wear (and Eat) This Week with Samantha Wasser of by Chloe Totally agree with the lipstick tip, one hundred percent!

6. Napa Recap + Vlog This weekend looked like so, so, so much fun!

7. Gingham Dress at Belmont Harbor Heeeeellllllooooo summer!

8. Dispatch from London, Volume 1: Dior at Blenheim Palace My first misread of this article happened in the first few lines in which I thought it said Wintson Churchill was there as an attendee. My eyes clearly are not adjusted this morning...

9. 7 Habits to Adopt Yes to all of these things!

10. A Trendy Guide To Los Angeles I WANT TO GO TO LA SO BAD.

11. 10 Women on Success As They Know It Loooooove this style of post, still. I will never stop raving about it.

12. Rules of Style: ‘The Hills’ Squealed my way through this because #Accurate

13. NY Closets: Cynthia Sakai I would wear every single of one these outfits every day of my life if I had the opportunity.

14. 3 New Ways To Wear Your Button Down Shirt Low key loving that tube top option...

15. Getting Really Real About Social Media & Body Image A lovely post about a tough topic today!

16. The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now The Hills are alive with the sound of music...

What have you been reading lately?


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