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1. Gilmore Girls

"Oh my god, again?" you groan. Yes, I did it. Or should I say, oops I did it again? For the fourth time, I watched Gilmore Girls all the way through. It's my favorite show ever, probably the only thing I can watch and leave on as background music and enjoy just as much as music. Because honestly, the dialogue between the characters on that show is like music to my ears. It's so funny and clever and witty and IT'S JUST THE BEST, OKAY? I have seen some episodes too many times to count and I'm not ashamed. That show just brings me insane amounts of joy and I will never give it up. I recommend it to everyone who has still managed to go this long without seeing it. It's been out for sixteen years, c'mon! And yes, if you were wondering, I continued the tradition of absolutely bawling my eyes out during the last episode from start to finish. I don't care if season seven was the worst thing in the entire world, Gilmore Girls is #Life.

2. Warm weather 

#Finally, am I right? It's been like incredibly gorgeous weather for about a week or so here in Cleveland and if you haven't heard me yodeling out of excitement from wherever you are yet, give it time. I mean, it's bad timing because our AC is still broken from last summer (#ApartmentGoals) so you know, I'm sweating a lot, but that's a small price to pay for consistent sunshine and the ability to finally wear my summer dresses and skirts. I'm living for the sun right now. Give me all of the sunglasses and floral dresses and dear god, just give me some color on my legs. I'm begging you.

3. Origins GinZing moisturizer

Back to my tried and true, at least until my sample runs out. My only complaint about this for summer time is that is has no SPF in it. However, despite this, I'm still happily using my 100-point sample from Sephora and layering a moisturizer with SPF in it over it because I love it that much. I used that moisturizer for like two years at the end of high school and my first year of college. I swear to Zayn Malik that this stuff gives you this weird boost. Like, it smells so citrusy and strong and maybe it's too strong for some people but for me, it gives me energy. Not like "I'm going to go run a marathon" energy, but like "I can do today" energy, y'know? It's a more gel like moisturizer and it smells amazing and seriously, if you can get your hands on a sample, do it, fall in love, buy the full-sized version, marry it, have a beautiful family, get buried together. The whole nine yards.

4. Tim Hortons K-cups

The only coffee that has ever mattered, truly. I don't know what to even say about Tim Hortons coffee other than it's the best coffee in the entire world? Don't argue with me on this. The fact that I can't have Timmys when I'm in Cleveland is a cruel punishment and honestly, it was on the con-list back in the day when I was trying to decide on colleges. However, I have slightly gotten over this because Tim Hortons makes their own K-cups and my mom always gives me some when I go back home for the weekend. That's true love right there. Lorelei and Rory who? I'm kidding. But not about Tim Hortons being the best. I would never joke about that.

What have you been loving lately? 


  1. Fran k cups are so bad for the environment but I still love you anyway


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