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Entertaining Yourself Without Roommates

This summer, I'm going to have an extended period of time without roommates. I've spent weekends without them, sure, but this past week without having anyone to come home to has been a bit, well, lonely to say the least. Even when I spend the day working, I still have the evening where I'll just sort of sit and do nothing and then go back to bed before I repeat the process all over again. While there's nothing wrong with sitting down and relaxing there's only so much you can do before it becomes too much right? Plus, if you're lucky and you're best friends with your roommates, you're going to miss 'em while they're gone!

Never fear, there are always ways of coping without them!

1. Mini adventures | Take yourself out of your comfort zone. Go for a walk, go out for coffee. Explore a part of the city you've never seen before. I'm not saying you have to go out for a full lunch by yourself or do things that make you uncomfortable, but staying alone in your apartment/house all day is going to drive you crazy, eventually. Maybe. Then again, if being alone doesn't bother you, then perhaps this post isn't going to help you in general...

2. Netflix | Honestly, watching shows like Gilmore Girls make me feel like I'm surrounded with my best friends. Maybe it's cheesy and a little bit weird, but there are just certain shows that make me feel all homey and warm and a lot of them are available on Netflix. I mean, I'm not saying to sit on the couch for twelve hours straight with no breaks and binge watch something, but even sitting down for a few hours to watch a show or a movie is enough of an escape for that short period of time!

3. Phone calls, Texting and FaceTime | Communication is key when you're separated from anyone. My roommates and I have a group chat that we add nonsense too every once in a while that keeps us connected. But there's also so many options with technology today that the opportunities are endless. You can call them, text them, FaceTime them, Skype with them, What's App, seriously there are so many ways to chat and keep in touch!

4. Time at home or with your family | I know I'm going home a lot in June while my roommates are gone because, well, why not? What better way to get past the loneliness at an apartment than to spend some time at home? I mean, obviously if you're across the country, this might not work, but if you live close enough to make the trip, take advantage!

What's your best way to cope with missing roommates?


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