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Lipstick Collection

I own a lot of lipstick. This is a well known fact that I absolutely cannot hide. I have a whole drawer dedicated to it in my makeup collection and even that can't hold them all. I keep my fall and winter lipsticks in a bag underneath my desk so I can actually keep the drawer functional. 

I figured what better time than to do a lipstick collection than now, right? This features all of my lipstick colors sans three because I completely forgot about them (it's the Bite lip duo in Lingonberry and Tangerine and Chanel Extatique). I tried to split them up color wise as best as I could and I'll denote all my favorites with a little asterisk!

Tarte Enchanted, NARS Rikugien *, Tarte Escape, Tarte Elite, Tarte Sweet, Elf Tea Rose, MAKE Taffy, MAC Syrup*,  Lorac Pink Taupe, Lorac French Rose, and Makeup Forever N9

NYX Sydney *, Bite Velvet, City Color Flirtini, Revlon Lovesick, NYX Stella, NYX Ibiza, Urban Decay Anarchy *, NARS Claudia, MAC Divine, MAC Candy Yum Yum, Too Faced Melted Jelly Donut, Anastasia Soft Lilac, and NYX Addis Ababa *

YSL Peach Me Love, * NARS Heat Wave *, YSL 15, Makeup Revolution Vice, MAC Party Parrot *,  Revlon Siren, and NYX Morocco *

Covergirl Hot, Urban Decay F-Bomb, Revlon Cherries In The Snow, NARS Jungle Red, NARS Cruella, Bite Tennin, Bite Holly, NYX Alabama *, Revlon Standout, Tarte Enchanted, Rimmel 107, Rimmel 111, Elf Rich Red, Makeup Forever N43, NARS Dragon Girl *, MAC On Hold, L'Oreal Eva's Red, Too Faced Melted Strawberry, and Kat Von D Vampire. 

Revlon Shameless, YSL Fuchsia in Rage *, Revlon Berry Haute, NYX Violet Ray, NYX Temptress, NYX Transylvania *, Wet N' Wild Raisin, NYX Aria, and Too Faced Melted Violet * 

Covergirl Eternal, Revlon Raspberry Bite, Revlon Blackberry, Lorac Mulberry *, Revlon Black Cherry, Urban Decay Shame, Kat Von D Mau5, NARS Scarlet Empress, MAC Flat Out Fabulous, and NARS Vera *

There wasn't any chance that my lips would survive trying out all of these colors so hopefully the swatches will suffice. If I didn't like any of these lipsticks, I would probably toss them. The only one I'm not fully convinced on is the Makeup Revolution Vice shade, but everything else is up to my standards. Sure, there are formulas and colors that I prefer, but anything truly problematic would be tossed or returned. 

What's your favorite lipstick of all time? 


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