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Positivitea Time With Fran: Cup One

Happy Saturday, friends! I'm coming to you from my desk with a hot cup of coffee and a nice, toasty bagel, enjoying the prospect of a sunny, warm day. I got this idea a couple of weeks back when I wasn't exactly feeling my best but wanted to. I like to think that I'm a positive person a majority of the time, but I falter. I'm human! I mess up my eyeliner sometimes, I fangirl over Harry Styles just like the rest of the universe (I'm sure the robots on Mars feel the same way as I do).

Positivitea Time With Fran is going to be a fun monthly blog series in which I am just obnoxiously positive. It will feel like you spilled an entire bag of sugar into a small saucer of coffee. It will feel like an entire dozen of doughnuts, complete with frosting and sprinkles. It will feel like a cake the size of Texas with three layers, each separated by a thick layer of fudge frosting. Or at least, I hope so.

The future posts will be a bit more structured, but for this little introduction into Positivitea Time, here are some of my favorite inspirational (and cute!) quotes of the moment!



Three good things about this week: 

  1. On Wednesday, I finished all of my homework from then until next Tuesday!
  2. There were cupcakes with little tiny circular sprinkles in the newspaper lab on Thursday. I ate two. 
  3. IT WAS SUNNY AND WARM YESTERDAY. And I got to wear my new (well, I got it in New York but I stained it so my mom just got it back to me this week) Zara top. 

Three things I'm excited about today: 

  1. Another sunny and warm day!
  2. The entire carton of strawberries I plan on eating at lunch at work. 
What were some great parts about your week?


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