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1. Thinking About How to Save Money? Here You Go! Slowly but surely trying my best to save as much as possible. How am I doing....well...Definitely going to have think more about this the older I get.

2. Kate Spade Home Decor Styled Two Ways Kate Spade everything is my favorite, but Kate Spade home wear is just out of this world adorable.

3. How to Shop Vintage with the Founder of Artists & Fleas I am a massive fan of thrift and consignment shopping, so this post made me smile lots!

4. Style Steal: How to Nail Athleisure Carly Cristman, back at it again with the incredible style.

5. A Heart Mark Note to self: no more reading Kelsey's posts without tissues.

6. The Thought Process of Cleaning Your Closet I currently have no space in any of my closet, drawers, storage bin and trunk of my car for any of the clothes I have acquired lately and I've cleaned out my closet three times now. Oy vey.

7. Trend to Try: 90s Are New Again I need a new pair of denim cut-offs for summer that actually fit me. The weather is starting to heat up around here...

8. How To Be A More Positive Person Being positive is my thing, as you know. Here are some tips for you if you struggle to embrace positivity!

What have you been reading lately?


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