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Positivitea Cup Three: The Final(s) Countdown

Retweet if you now have "The Final Countdown" stuck in your head and you sang the "dododododododo" part after reading the title. Nope? No one? Just me? All right. Can't say I'm surprised by that one...

I just finished up my penultimate week of the semester and I'm sure that spring semester 2016 is probably winding down for most people at the moment, if they're not already done. If you've finished already, congrats, everyone else is really jealous of you! Nice job! You made it! You did it! You're free for summer! If you've still got a week or so to go, hang in there, pals. We're all in this one together. We can make it through! I now have a weird mash-up of "We're All In This Together" from High School Musical and the Degrassi theme song stuck in my head, alongside "The Final Countdown."

We're in the homestretch here, guys. We've got what, a week? Two weeks? Three weeks? Whatever amount of time, we've got a few weeks to still kill it. Finals shminals, am I right? Whether this is your first year of finals or your fifth year of finals, it can still be nerve-wracking all the same. It's a stressful time of year for everyone because there's projects and the last few assignments that need to be squeezed out during the semester that conveniently fall right before finals week. There's classwork on top of studying on top of trying to sleep and go to work and see friends before the semester is over. It's a whole jumble of assignments and obligations and wanting to do the most in the least amount of time because there has to be time for sleep somewhere, right?

But no matter how terrible and cramped and crowded the last few weeks of the semester are, there's always that grace period of peace that follows, that week after you write your last exam that you finally let out the breath that you've been holding onto for what seems like weeks upon weeks.

So chin up! Pat yourselves on the back for making it this far. Gather your bearings. Stay hydrated. Do a little dance. Play that funky music. Dance all night to the best song ever. But really, good luck on finals everyone! You can do it! You've gotten this far, you can continue to carry on kicking college butt!


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