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April Reflection

April is what I want to call my "rebuilding" month. It was the aftermath of the stressful mess that March was. It was a period of relaxation and taking time for myself, which is a very strange concept for me. I'm still not quite used to it, but I'm getting better. 

There wasn't a lot happening in April for me, solely because I made it that way. I didn't try to overload myself with obligations. I did my work, I came home and I let myself sit down and relax. It was the month of Netflix for me. I watched more movies and television episodes than I have in probably all of college combined. It was strange, but good. I like the idea of coming home and being able to unload after a long day rather than holding it all in until it bursts. 

April was also the month of getting my stuff done. It was the last full month of school before the semester was over. It was chock full of prepping for final assignments and just all around trying to gather my bearings before May hit and I was swamped with final exams and the true final projects for my classes that aren't test based.

To be honest, April was probably the best month I've had in a really, really long time. And nothing all that exciting happened! If the rest of the year can go like April did, I think I'd be extremely content. I suffered from minimal stress, I had some pretty solid hair and makeup days, and I just all around treated myself like I was a princess. I gave myself "me time" and I really learned a lesson from my months upon months of letting the stress build up. So, (hopefully) gone are the days of stressing until I cry and treating myself like crap. Francesca is back in action, baby!


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