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Campus Style #8: Spring, Spring, Spring!

This is a weird time of year for fashion. It's when, instead of spending fifteen minutes in front of my closet trying to decide what I want to wear, I spend twenty-five minutes trying different outfits on because I don't know which will be more appropriate for the weather outside. Do I wear long-sleeves and risk sweating or do I wear short-sleeves and risk getting chilly? Do I go for skinny jeans and feel constricted or do I bear my extremely pale and dry legs that have been concealed for months upon months? And what on earth do I wear on my feet during the transitional season between winter and summer, between warm boots and sandals.

While I still haven't totally figured out the shoe thing, but I think I've figured out the perfect combinations for dressing appropriately for the weather, especially when it's quite chilly in the morning and then gets incredibly sunny and warm in the afternoon, only to cool down and get windy by the evening. The key to surviving the roller coaster ride of weather during the springtime is layers, layers, layers.

What's your favorite spring fashion choice to wear to classes?


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