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(on the eyes, MAC False Lashes; on the lips, NARS Rikugien and Becca Opal highlighter)

1. NARS Rikugien + Becca Opal Highlighter 

Whenever I'm putting highlighter on my cupid's bow before I apply my lipstick for the day, I always manage to get some of the product on the center of my lips. And every single time I go "hmm, this might look cool with lipstick!" So I wore one of my more natural looking lipsticks to class the other day and decided that it was finally time to test out the theory. I don't want to say I told you so, but I was right. Granted, people for years have been saying to put lipgloss in the center of your lips to fake a larger appearance, but I just took it to the next level and went straight for my most vibrant highlighter in my collection. Really though, it was a gorgeous subtle effect to the center of my lips that I had to test out a few days in a row this week because I couldn't get enough of it. You know it's good when I willingly wear nude lipstick three days in a row.

2. MAC False Lashes Mascara

Okay, the verdict on this one is out...I really, really like this mascara. I was originally hesitant about it because it has a drier formula than I'm used to and it just didn't seem like it was doing the job. Then my co-worker was looking at my side profile and sort of pointed to my lashes and said "these are yours?" and that's when I knew. The thing about the formula is that yes, it's not super wet, but it also doesn't coat your lashes with heavy product that you want to peel off throughout the day. It doesn't clump and fall underneath your eyes and it's really easy to remove when you want to take it off.

3. Elizabeth & James Jacquard Vest

I got this vest at work a few weeks ago and purchase ever. I used to be obsessed with J. Crew quilted excursion vests but I grew out of those (style wise) recently because I just thought vests didn't suit me anymore. So what did I do after that revelation? I bought another vest. But this isn't just a regular vest! It's a navy blue and black floral jacquard vest, if that makes any sense. It's got a great asymmetrical collar, the heavy zipper just looks cool, and the color and the shape just make it a bit more fashion friendly and edgy. I've thrown it over an all black look, over black jeans and a white sweater, but my favorite look it with my little black booties, a white long-sleeved crop top and my little black skater skirt. Boom. Done. Easy, comfortable outfit and it looks awesome. I can't wait to style it with more of my spring looks!

4. "BeFour" by Zayn 

This song released while I was in New York and you best bet that it was all I listened to while I was on the subway. Zayn's album comes out tomorrow and I am one thousand different types of excited to see what else he brings to us. This song sounds a bit more like "Like I Would" but honestly...none of the songs have sounded alike thus far so the question is...what is Mind of Mine going to sound like as a whole? WHO KNOWS. But all I know is that I am so excited for Zayn to blow me out of the water, that beautiful human being is he.

5. Vegetable Steamer

I, Francesca Gariano, finally learned how to use a vegetable steamer at the age of 20 years and 4 months. I talked about this before, but I have been an avid consumer of mashed potatoes and broccoli as of late. Normally, I just buy microwaveable bags of broccoli to save myself time but the other day I (okay, so my mom) said that I should buy my own broccoli and do the same thing! I was originally going to do it in a pan but then I realized that one of my roommates brought a vegetable steamer when she moved in. It was game over then. I googled how to steam broccoli, followed the directions loosely, and sort of just went with it. LOOK, I know how simple this process is, but this is coming from the girl who legitimately only knows how to make like one thing that doesn't already come pre-made (#GrilledChicken) so steaming broccoli is a huge deal to's like the equivalent of Leo winning the Oscar, to be honest. And I'll be damned, I steamed that broccoli perfectly, thank you very much.

What have you been loving lately? 


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