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Spring Lipstick Shades

For some, the changing of the seasons leads to changes in wardrobe, changes in moods, changes in schedules, even changes in locations. For me, the changing of the seasons leads to something a little more important: The Great Lipstick Migration. At the beginning of each seasonal cluster (spring/summer and fall/winter), I tend to separate my collection. Which means that recently, I've put all of my vampy berry tones away until September to make room in my lipstick drawer for all of the springy shades that have been hiding under my desk since early September.

I've been sorting through them, trying to figure out which shades I want to wear first this season. I figured I might as well share a few of my favorite spring colors for this upcoming season!

1. Too Faced Melted Violet because who doesn't want a vibrant lilac shades painted into a thick layer on their lips? This color is not for the faint of heart or for people who are afraid of wearing color. It's very bright, it's very in your face, but it's also very nice to wear. It paints on from the tube and leaves a nice opaque layer after one or two swipes!

2. MAC Party Parrot because nothing beats this neon coral. N o t h i n g. I have been raving over this lipstick since I first snagged myself two tubes of it back in high school, as it is unfortunately limited edition. However, Impassioned from MAC is similar enough!

3. Lorac French Rose because everyone needs a nice pinky nude for the spring time. This one is matte pencil from Lorac that has a TWIST UP LID which means that there's no sharpener necessary. Score! This is a gorgeous rosy pink that is the perfect "my lips but way better" color. Plus, must I reiterate the fact that you don't need to sharpen this one?

4. YSL Corail In Touch because these are the nicest lipsticks I own and wear so nicely all year round that I had to mention one. The best part about these lipsticks is that you can build up the color to its full opacity or wear them a bit more sheer. This particular shade is a nice wash of a darker coral color unless you build it up to its full potential of the orangey coral shade that just pops against your skin tone!

5. MAC Divine because Barbie pink shades are just fun to have in your life. This is a nice happy medium between my pale baby pink lipsticks (like NYX Sydney) and neon pink lipsticks (like MAC Candy Yum Yum) that tends to go with anything, much like the Lorac shade I mentioned. It's long-wearing, it's opaque and matte, and it's just an all around fun color to play around with when the sunshine starts hanging around longer.

6. NYX Addis Ababa because this is the ultimate spring shade. When I think of spring, I think of this lip color. I was so excited to break this shade back out the second I put it away for hibernation in the winter. It's just the perfect soft magenta color. It's not overly vibrant, but it definitely makes a statement. It's so smooth when you put it on and dries to this gorgeous matte that doesn't settle awkwardly into lines in your lips or crumble off of anything. I highly recommend checking out all of the colors from this particular range of NYX lipsticks. They're all fantastic.

What's your favorite spring lipstick shade?


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