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High School Memories

I just sang that to the tune of "High School Musical" guessed it...High School Musical 3. What a beautiful trilogy that was...I digress, I was talking about some of my favorite memories from high school the other day and while I didn't do anything super crazy memorable (okay, Spain was great but like...#DUH), there were a few stories that made me giggle thinking about them again. So, I figured I'd share them! Obviously. Because that's why we're all here. Unless you stumbled across this page by accident. If that's the case...hello, welcome! This is my life!

The One With the Jesus Bust: It was Halloween during my sophomore year. I distinctly remember this because I was dressed in all black with black eyepaint under my eyes because that’s what I wore for Halloween every single year in high school (ninja, robber, Lindsey Lohan’s lung… #OUCH) besides that time I was a “hippie. Anyways, I digress, I was feeling stealth that day. It was also the day that my school was clearing out one of its storage rooms so that the music teacher could move his classroom there. All religion classes that day were dedicated to cleaning out this room, right? So I was in religion with one of my friends and we were cleaning out this storage room and we came around this bust of Jesus. So naturally, we went up to our teacher giggling and asked if we could keep the Jesus bust. He said it was okay because he was chill. So basically, we excused ourself to the bathroom and then proceeded to take pictures of/with this bust of Jesus around the school before we decided to just leave it in one of the water fountains before we went back to class. It was gone by the time we got out. RIP Jesus bust. 

The One With the Book of Job: If it isn’t obvious, I was a bored Catholic school student back in high school. This one takes place during sophomore year as well and oddly enough includes the same friend. So, we were learning about something from the book of Job that day during religion class, something about Job calling the people fat cows or something. I don’t remember specifically, but I do remember that the words “fat cow” were used. Instead of paying attention the rest of class, my friend and I wrote out a rap called Fat Cows, which is still, to this day, tacked onto our teacher’s wall because he enjoyed it so much. 

The One with the Hot Spanish Teacher: I suppose this is three different stories in one, but we’ll just loop it under one thing: Mr. L. Holy hell, Mr. L was by far the hottest human being I had ever come in contact with. Up until Mr. L got married last year, I was convinced we were destined to be together. I was ready to be the Aria to his Ezra, it was sickening. But, I digress, I was blessed with Mr. L for all four years in high school. Mr. L was a god: hot, handsome, sculpted, smart, hilarious, need I continue? Mr. L also had an incredible class structure and I just genuinely enjoyed his classes. He was always really encouraging of creativity and overall weirdness. So, here are some of the weird things that Mr. L let me and my friends get away with:

  • Sophomore year: My class was assigned a project where we had to create a business and make a commercial for it. My friend and I chose the business Rent a Llama (genius, right?). Our poster had over forty different clip-art versions of llamas on it as well as enough glitter for an entire fairy forest. Our presentation involved our other friend pretending to be a llama while my partner rode on his back around the entire room. Totally epic.
  • Senior year: During Spanish 5 in my senior year, we were required to be in charge of four conversation Fridays throughout the year. At first, they had to be related to Spanish culture. But the last two could be about anything, as long as the presentation/conversation/activity was entirely in Spanish. So naturally, for my last two of the year I chose well: The Amish Mafia and “Love Games.” For the Amish Mafia presentation, I brought in cannolis and my class and I played pin the fedora on the mobster. We also played musical chairs with Spanish music because…why not? Now Love Games was less of a conversation and more of…well…a dating show. My partner and I created a presentation in which we created dating profiles for some of our teachers and then matched them up to their celebrity love matches. We brought in heart cookies and then we had our class play Know Your Boo, a-la Parks and Recreation. It was brilliant.
And that just about sums up high school for me! 


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