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The One With the FIT Museum

Just be warned...there are going to be lots and lots of pictures as a result of going to the FIT Museum. You've been warned.

My day started off kind of rocky. I didn't get a chance to get coffee or breakfast before I headed uptown to meet up with my brother, cousin and their friend. We were supposed to meet at Rockefeller Center, but there must've been some sort of miscommunication, which setback our meet up time by about twenty minutes. Then, the Zara that was supposed to be there wasn't actually there and we had to wander around to try to find it. All the while, the St. Patrick's Day parade was going on and made 5th Avenue an absolute nightmare. Needless to say, it was hellish trying to do anything around the area, which was unfortunate because we wanted to take our friend to Central Park for the first time. It took a lot of rerouting and frustration, but we finally made it!

I don't remember the last time I saw this Love artwork. I think I was in middle school? So wild.

We, of course, had to stop into the Nike store off of 5th Avenue. It was massive, with five modernistic floors. I'm not one for athletic wear, but it was pretty damn cool.

I nearly pooed my pants walking down this line of stores. It was Saint Laurent, Burberry, Miu Miu, Dior, and Chanel. God, it was heavenly.

Look at all of that red!!!


I had my brother take some photos of my outfit in Central Park. I mean, for someone who was doing me a favor he could've certainly done worse. And yes, it was way too hot to wear this outfit that day. I didn't think we were going to be walking around the park that day, so this was entirely the wrong outfit to wear. It worked out fine, but god were my feet store. My white furry jacket is from Forever21, the sweater is my mom's from Loft, the jeans are my American Eagler black high-rise jeggings, boots are Nine West, purse is from Kate Spade, and last but certainly not least, my sunglasses are ChloƩ.

Next on the agenda was the FIT Museum. It had a few free exhibits that, to me, were incredible. There was a fairytale themed exhibit that had garments pulled from various collections over time, from designers like Tom Ford, Rodarte, Dolce & Gabanna, etc. Then, these garments were organized in displays based off of which classic fairytale they related the most to. There were also some pairs of shoes too, including a pair of ruby red glitter Louboutins for The Wizard of Oz. There was also an exhibit that detailed the history of denim over time in fashion as well as a small exhibit about the women of Harper's Bazaar. Plus, it was FREE!!!! I swear, I could've spent forever staring at this gowns. FOREVER!!!




For dinner, we ended up at Stella Trattoria on the sixth floor of the Macy's in Herald Square before we headed off to the theater to see the Carole King based music Beautiful. I got the Zuppa Di Pollo Arrosoto (AKA, the chicken soup, as my waiter Melvin decided to tell me after I butchered it). The food was delicious and the play had me near tears. I learned a little bit about Carole King and Gerry Goffin when I took my Roots of Rock and Soul class freshmen year of college, as well as the era of 60s music with girl groups and male groups like The Shirelles and The Drifters. Plus, seeing the story behind King's legendary album Tapestry was incredible. I was so so so in love. The night ended with me reading Kill The Boy Band by Goldy Maldovsky aloud to my friends until two in the morning. A night well spent, I'd say!


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