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The One With the Last Brunch

Friday morning started with waking up and heading out for breakfast with my friends! We headed over to this lovely little place called Artopolis Espresso in Harlem. It was this adorable little place across from St. Luke's and had the most aesthetically pleasing marble table tops that I have ever seen. I started off my morning with a nice iced latte, because really, me starting off my morning without caffeine is a terrible life choice. I will get a headache and everything from then on out will be miserable. And I generally always prefer iced drinks over hot drinks, so I was very excited to see that they offered their drinks both hot and iced. 

For breakfast, I ended up getting a nutella crepe because...well...who doesn't love that heavenly chocolate hazelnut spread on absolutely everything? It was honestly so good and I couldn't even finish it. I ended up pawning off the last few bites to my friend. Breakfast was a whole lot of fun and we tried making the best of it, as I was leaving for the day to spend time with my family. We bid farewell on the 1 train back downtown and I don't think I've ever been sadder. I MISS MY FRIENDS SO MUCH! If you're reading thing, I can't wait to hoop your noses again!

One of my last stops on Friday afternoon was heading back out to Midtown Manhattan to visit Bergdorf Goodmans. I've never stopped into Bergdorfs, mostly because I will never in a million years be able to afford anything at Bergdorfs. However, they do have a Charlotte Tilbury counter, which are extremely rare in the U.S. So of course I had to run in and grab a couple of products. I'll talk about them soon enough, after I test them out! My plan was to stop into Central Park, but it got really overcast and windy when I left Bergdorfs and I didn't think it was pleasant enough to hang around.

I traded Midtown for the East Village for dinner. My cousin and I made the walk from Chelsea through the Union Square area over to the East Village to meet our other two cousins for dinner. We went to Veselka the last time I was in New York and it was just as glorious the second time around. I had the absolute best time with my cousins, as per usual, and I was positively stuffed after dinner. Though that didn't stop me from running out at nearly 10PM to get my last New York bagel and iced coffee around the corner...

New was real. I miss you already (you too, Natasha and Bex). I can't wait to be back!


  1. hi fran i miss u <3 <3 <3

  2. So happy to be immortalized in your blog as the friend who finished your crepe
    Ily Fran


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