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The One With the Delicious Food

This was my view when I woke up yesterday. I'm kind of sort of obsessed with aerial views of cities and all things to do with skylines. This was even more gorgeous at night with all of the pretty lights. I bid farewell to Harlem to head back to Chelsea for a quick bagel stop with my uncles and cousin before they set off back home after the Billy Joel concert last night. Soon after, I was supposed to brunch with my friend, but the place we wanted to go was no longer serving. Instead, we went back to Spice (aka the place I got takeout from on Monday) and ended up going straight for lunch.

My lunch combo included an appetizer of spring rolls along with my Pad Thai fried rice. God, have you ever seen something so glorious? And let me tell you, that mound of rice was huge. HUGE. When you pressed it out, it took up the entire plate and then some. I could barely eat a quarter of it, but now I have delicious leftovers so really, could life get any better than Thai leftovers?

After lunch, we met back up with our other friend at the Mac store. I was really itching to try out one of their new liquid lipsticks and I was in desperate need of a new Painterly Paint Pot, as I am literally carving out the product from the edges of the jar. What turned into a simple trip turned into getting color matched for a new concealer and a sample sized mascara. I also had to go to Sephora because I'm out of my all time favorite eyeliner and honestly, life without the Kat Von D tattoo liner is not a life I want any part of.

We ended up going to a couple of bookstores. We hit up the Barnes and Noble near Union Square just for fun and spend a considerable amount of time inside. Afterwards, we found a cute little shop on West 18th that sold all children's and Young Adult books. It had a lot of super cute artwork in the back, though, which is what I snapped a picture of above!

No night is complete without a completely stuffed tummy after dinner. We ended up at Elmo in Chelsea, mostly because we were walking and thought it was funny that there was a restaurant with the sign/name "Restaurant." As it turns out, it was actually called Elmo and it actually had some really delicious food. And a solid playlist, honestly.

I ended my evening with my friends with this chicken pot pie and let me tell was heavenly. I've been trying to step out of my comfort zone of solely grilled chicken salads this trip and I think I've been doing a pretty bang up job thus far!


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