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The One With The Ramen

I was a bit exhausted yesterday, if I'm being quite honest. I hadn't gotten much sleep the night before and I spent so much time on the bus that I'm pretty sure it sucked all of the life and energy out of me. I went to bed around three, nearly four in the morning and ended up waking up at my standard eight a.m. because I am trash and hate myself apparently. Just kidding, I really do like getting up early! Just not on days where I went to bed a short four hours before hand. However, I snapped right out of it as soon as I made my way down 8th Avenue to get myself some Starbucks. Any morning that starts with a nice walk in (somewhat)fresh(ish) and espresso is a good one to me.

Essentially, I spent the entire afternoon lazing around with my uncles. I had the urge to go to SoHo yesterday, but I decided to just listen to my body and relax for a bit. I haven't really had the time back at home to do so and it is spring break after all. It was nice seeing my family, anyways. I hadn't been home in two months!

After a long and much needed afternoon of relaxing, I made my way uptown to meet my friends for dinner and a nice and proper chill sesh. We ended up getting ramen at Jin Ramen and OHMYGOD. I've never had real ramen before (and I really never ever ever ate the cup of noodles, either) and I regret this decision. There's a ramen place downtown Cleveland that I need to go to now because I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. I got regular miso and I was in heaven.

After the delicious ramen, the three of us meandered through the Columbia campus. It's so weird walking through proper campuses in a city with buildings dispersed and actual like...stunning architecture. Cleveland State is small and modern and not all that impressive structurally.

If I'm being entirely honest, the rest of the night consistent of catching up, being silly, eating Oreos, and me dancing around the lounge in the suite. Sometimes you just have to have those chill days! I'm at this point in my life where I've been to New York enough times to not have to be on the constant go go go sort of agenda. It makes me feel all nice and grown up to just hang out in the city.


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