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March Playlist

It's getting to that time of the month where I reflect at all of the music I've listened to for the past four weeks. If I'm being honest, Zayn's debut album came out yesterday and I was half-tempted to make the entire playlist songs from Mind of Mine. But to be fair to the other songs I've been loving this month, I will hold off and feature them all next month, sans the few singles he released along the way because I am Zayn Trash, okay? There, I said it. I am Zayn Trash. It's fine. I've accepted it and I hope someday you accept it too.

This month, as per usual, has been a pretty heavy mish-mash of #AllTheThings. I've given up on sticking to a genre of music or even to a certain time period. I'm all about embracing all eras and types of music. Except country. I am not ready to embrace country. I am too weak for it. TOO DARN WEAK.

So, I hope you enjoy this random mix of music from the month of March that has been making my world go round. Maybe you'll know a song or two or maybe you'll discover your new favorite (or least favorite song). As long as your least favorite is not a Zayn song. Then I will have to ban you from my blog forever. Just kidding. Different opinions are cool even if yours is wrong. Kidding again. Can you tell that I just chugged a grande Flat White from Starbucks? Because I did and it was DELICIOUS.


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