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Dream Closet, Vol. 15

Damn Franiel, back at it again with the pipe dream clothing pieces! I know, I know, we are on volume fifteen of this series (which, now that I think about it, is pretty wild!). I celebrated my two years anniversary of Life According to Francesca last week, which is pretty wild if you ask me. I've had this blog since summer 2012, but I didn't create this URL or daily blogging presence until March of 2014! And now here we are, fifteen months into this dream closet series! I spent a lot of my second year of college scouring Net-A-Porter to see what was new in the world of fashion (well, not new new, but new for purchase). It was my favorite waste use of time during my breaks (or sometimes during classes, sorry professors...). And it still is! I'm a goal oriented person and my goal is to be able to purchase something along these lines some day. Full price, no second hand consigning necessary (but I will never give up consignment shopping, it's way too fun).


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