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NYC Beauty Haul

When I was in New York last week, a majority of my money went to food and makeup. I haven't purchased new makeup in quite some time so it was nice to go to some stores that I don't frequent and makeup counters that aren't readily available to me. I made some trips to MAC, Sephora, as well as the Charlotte Tilbury counter at Bergdorf Goodmans.

I didn't take individual of the MAC products I purchased, but I got the Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Painterly, which is my all time favorite primer for my lid. I am literally scraping the product out of my current jar, so it was definitely time for me to get a new one. Then, I got the Pro Longwear Concealer in the shade NW20. My favorite thing about this, other than how easy it is to blend in, is the pump. God, I love any makeup product with a pump. I also got a sample of their False Lashes mascara because I'm always looking into trying new mascaras. It's a bit dry for my liking, as I prefer a more wet formula, but I don't hate it! And last but not least, I purchased one of their Retro Matte Liquid Lipsticks in the shade Divine. I need to test this one out more because I really loved it the first day I wore it, but I really need to give it a few more tries. I'll do a full review on it down the line, once I really test it out.

My friend has been talking about her Charlotte Tilbury products since we started chatting and I swear to god, I've been so intrigued by their existence and I've been waiting to test them out in person. I was so close to just ordering these products on Net-A-Porter because I wanted to try them so bad. But, lo and behold, I got to play with them in person!

First, I picked up one of the Eyes to Mesmerize cream shadows. Well, actually, I hesitate to call them cream because they feel nothing like the MAC Paint Pots or the Color Tattoos from Maybelline. It's more like...a mousse? It applies like a powder in my opinion and the payoff is incredible. I applied a thin layer of Marie Antoinette to my lid with my ring finger and then I applied another thicker layer to the outer corner with one of my spare brushes and blended it into the crease to create an eye look with just one color. I was stuck between the shades Jean, Marie Antoinette, and Bette. The one I got was a happy color medium between the other two, both on the lighter/darker spectrum. I'm really happy with my choice! It's such a warm and gorgeous bronze color that it so low maintenance. It's going to be amazing for the summer, I just know it.

I wasn't going to do it then. I just wanted to swatch the next product I purchased, but I had this incredible #YOLO moment in which I decided that I worked hard and deserved it (and the girl helping me agreed, though I's her job to do that). I ended up leaving a happy with, toting around my brand spanking new Filmstar Bronze and Glow Palette. Other than the fact that the packaging is absolutely gorgeous, the powders are so soft and buttery and just glide onto my skin. I'm very picky about the shades of bronzer I use on my face so to find something that blended so seamlessly into my foundation without looking orange or muddy was incredible. The highlighting powder gave me such a healthy glow, sans any chunky glitter or oily sheen.

Last but not least, I picked up this single eyeshadow shade from Burberry. This was another purchase made completely on the whim. I was at Sephora with my friends to kill time before dinner and was wandering around, trying to find a corner that wasn't completely packed with other customers (it was the Sephora in Herald Square AKA crowded as hell). There's a shade of a Burberry eyeshadow that Allison/Amarixe raves about and I've always wanted to try it. This is not that shade, but it is a Burberry eyeshadow, so that's something! I swatched this on the back of my hand and immediately reached for one of the boxes. I knew I needed it instantly. It's the most lovely metallic taupe shade that just adds such a nice sheen to my eyelids. It's not too dark, but it's also not too light where it rivals a highlighting shade. It's the perfect lid color for me and I can definitely see myself using it all year long.

I'll probably do more in-depth reviews of these products as I use them more, but this is all of the beauty items I picked up while I was in New York! Yikes @ my bank account, am I right? 


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