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Five Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween has always been a holiday I never truly understood. I've never been a massive fan of costumes, of trick-or-treating, or of the fright nights that come along with the holiday. I never really dressed up in high school (I was a "ninja" for two years, three hole punched Francesca for another, and I decided senior year that instead of a ninja, I was going to be Lindsay Lohan's lung...ouch). I haven't dressed up in college either. Freshmen year, I went out and bought a five dollar pair of cat ears with a tail to match so that my roommate and and I could go through the Fenn Towers of Terror and then I came back to my room, gave my tail and ears to a girl without a costume so she could go out for the night, and watched Blue Valentine by myself while shoveling cookie butter into my mouth by the spoonful.

This year, however, I've declared things to be different. I, Francesca Gariano, am going to dress up for Halloween this year. I'm fairly confident that I know what I want to be, but if you're not quite sure yet, here's a short little list of some cute pop culture costume ideas (because really, they're the best kind).

1. Pumpkin Spice Latte

Carly Cristman always has the best Halloween costumes. She's been a Sprinkles cupcake and a Tiffany box and I cannot wait to see what she comes up with this year. She has an instructional post on her blog if you're curious on how to make this, but it seems pretty simple!

2. Elle Woods

What better way to celebrate Halloween than to dress up as the most spunky law student you have ever seen? Put yourself in all pink, be nice to everybody, and maybe add a dog if you're feeling up to it. 

3. Cher Horowitz

Okay, Cher Horowitz is my usual #StyleGoals, but her all plaid ensembles make for some cute Halloween Costumes (that I would probably end up wearing not on Halloween because I'm a weirdo).

4. Magic, Madness, Heaven and Sin (from "Blank Space")

I saw these girls on Tumblr who dressed up like this lyric from Taylor Swift's song for one of her concerts and thought it would make such a cute group costume for Halloween. So girls, round up your roommates and embrace your inner Swiftie.

5. Damian from Mean Girls

A classic, truly. Damian from Mean Girls is one of the greatest characters of our time, so it's time to embrace his famous line and just be comfortable in your hoodie and sunglasses for the night. 

What are you going to be for Halloween this year?


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