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1. The Street Style Debate: Are We Robots (or Are We Dancer)? I am dancer, but I would also like to be a proud owner of a pair of those Gucci slip-on loafers...

2. Sweatshirt Dress Those two-toned boots are so cool.

3. 6 Pairs of Chic Rainboots I need to get a less chunky pair of rain boots so that I can actually walk around downtown with them and not want to rip my legs off after they get so sore.

4. Before & After: The Nautical Button Skirt I've been so anti-pants lately that this skirt is looking really nice right now.

5. Fall Florals I love darker fall colors mixed into a springy floral print.

6. The Intern Hair Inspiration My mom and I are seeing this movie today! I love Anne Hathaway's hair in this movie. If I decide to keep my hair short, I might be considering this...

7. Editor's Obsession: Favorite Fall Lipsticks GIVE ME ALL THE LIPSTICKS!!!!!

8. Top 10 Things I Wish I Knew My Freshmen Year With Skype College advice is pretty much my favorite animal. Name that movie...

9. Desk to Dinner Even more of a reason to get culotte pants...

10. Fall Layers Layering is something I have yet to learn how to do. Maybe once I get a proper fashionable jacket, I can try this look out.

What have you been reading lately? 


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