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Campus Style #3

Welcome to the heart of fall, friends! Grey, black, and denim is pretty much my aesthetic during the fall season. Those colors just go with absolutely everything. They're not monochromatic black to make your life completely devoid of color, but they're also not some in your face shades that are more suitable for the spring and summer seasons. Though, a healthy dose of color is never a bad thing, friends! 

Still, I find that the combination of grays, blues, and blacks (I still don't support navy blue and black, but you're free to do what you please with your wardrobe)(just for godssake, no cargo pants please) are a great option to step out of the all black ensembles that we tend to rock during the colder months. 

I saw a picture of Gigi Hadid (can we just make a little side note here to say #LiteralGoals, oh my god, she is perfect and dating my first love Joe Jonas) wearing a grey turtleneck layered over a long chambray top and I thought it was so perfect and easy to duplicate that I need to arrange this look for myself. And can you ever go wrong with a denim jacket with a shearling collar? I don't think so!

What's your go to fall outfit on campus?


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