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Paris Fashion Week SS16 (Part One of ????)

I had an extended amount of time between classes the other day in which I had absolutely nothing (read: I had so much I could have been doing) to do for approximately two hours. So, instead of, y'know, being productive and stuff, I decided to go through every Paris Fashion Week show and pick out my favorite looks, as I normally would. As it turns out, I have far more favorite looks and shows than I had 30 to save everyone from sorting through 40+ collages (and to save myself from making 30 all at once), I've decided to split up my Paris Fashion Week shows alphabetically because that is how I took my notes on them.

We're going to cover shows A through C today though, featuring some pretty solid designers (LIKE MY LOVE CHRISTIAN DIOR *falls dramatically onto velvet sofa made of solid gold*).

Looks 16, 30, and 35 from Acne Studios
Could this collection be any more rockstar? With the guitar and velvet and fishnets, this felt like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (#REPRESENTCLE)(that's not even a real hashtag, why do I do these things??) rolled up into a 30-something look collection.
Looks 6, 10, 16, 26, 35, and 37 from Alexander McQueen
This collection from Alexander McQueen was straight up pretty and elegant and gave me an ethereal garden feel. It felt like royalty to me, without all of the tulle and corsets and general medievalness. But it was still there.

Looks 8, 10, 17, 29 from Balenciaga
Well, I personally think Alexander Wang went out on a high note for Balenciaga. This all-white and ivory collection was a stunner, relying on textures and fabrics entirely. I love, I love.

Looks 11, 24, and 54 from Balmain

The Balmain spring collection featured a lot of earth tones, featuring some suede, cutouts and some fantastic ruffles to spice it up.

Looks 7, 13, 26, and 31 from Carven
The Carven spring collation was a sporty meets deep sea creatures and I for one am all for this concept. 
Looks 15, 34, 47, 57, 68, 76, 95, and 99 from Chanel
Once again, Chanel takes their runway show to another level with the concept of an airline. I was not a massive fan of the resort collection, which is why I was pleasantly surprised that I was so head over heels in love with this 100 look collection to the point where narrowing it down to eight was the hardest thing I've had to do since choosing a college.

Looks 6, 10, 17, 24, 35, and 39 from ChloƩ
The ChloĆ© show didn't disappoint on the spring vibe for the collection. With chiffon, lace, and lots of off the shoulder tops, the show was what you would expect in a spring collection. 

Looks 4, 10, 16, 24, 37, and 47 from Christian Dior
Anything that involves pastels, scallops, and all things sheer deserves a gold start in my book. 

What were some of your Paris Fashion Week shows?


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