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July Reflection

July has been another month of all work and no play. It's been a constant stream of babysitting and mailings and popping in and out of Samsonite luggage. More coffee than probably necessary was consumed, not enough meals eaten, and definitely not enough good hair days. But all of these days have led up to today and in six short days I move into my apartment with three cool chicks. I have a feeling my August Reflection post might be slightly different than this.

I kicked off this month with a Marianas Trench concert with some friends and won an impromptu dance battle unbeknownst to the girl that I challenged in my mind. I survived another holiday weekend with my family in town, and managed to potentially master the art of the winged eyeliner look. I purchased new agendas for new beginnings and celebrated the three year anniversary of this specific blog in general.

Nothing particularly monumental happened in the month of July and it certainly wasn't the most stress free month that I've ever had, but how can I complain about a month in which ONE DIRECTION DROPS A NEW SINGLE AT ONE O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING WITHOUT ANY WARNING?! It's been a day and I'm still jamming. What a tune that one is...

June and July have been two perfect months and I don't think I'd change them. They've been low-key enough to make me feel relaxed and ready enough to start my new chapter in a week. Summer has gone by so fast but still manages to feel like I've been home for so long. I don't know, it's kind of a weird concept. Like I'm ready to move on but part of me wants to still be the angsty teenager who blasts music from my room with its turquoise walls and messy desk.

So it goes...


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