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1. Destroyed Denim (+ a fun event!) I'm not a massive fan of distressed denim on me, but there's something so chic about ripped black denim. Might have to get myself a pair one of these days...

2. Words To Live By Mantras and quotes are quite possibly my favorite things!

3. The Show Must Go On I haven't gotten to the point of wanting to vomit, but if given the choice for fight or flight, you best best I am flapping my wings to get the hell out of there. But alas, things still must be set in motion..

4. Cat & Mouse All I want in this world is pair of Charlotte Olympia cat loafers and Marc Jacobs mouse flats. ALL. I. WANT.

5. Life Updates I really, really want to go to DryBar now...

6. Taylor Swift Doesn't Need to Be Your BFF Let's just sum it up with this line: "They’re performers, not presidents."

7. Striped Boyfriend Shirt I've been eyeing a shirt like this for a while. Should I finally take the leap? 

What have you been reading lately?


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