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At this point in the summer (and in my life) my blood is probably actually coffee. If I don't start my day off with a cup, I get a headache. I need one or two throughout the day and usually resort to drinking another cup around bed time so that I can stay up a finish things that I inevitably did not finish throughout the day. Caffeine is my best friend and I'm strongly considering researching coffee IV drips.

In the summer, hot coffee is not necessarily my favorite thing in the entire world. The last thing I want to do is chug a hot coffee in the blistering sun. Enter the wonders of iced coffee...

My favorite is from Dunkin Donuts. I finally got my order down and for $2.42 a pop, you can't go wrong. Do I frequent DD for my coffee fix in the morning (and the afternoon because more than one is always necessary)? Yes, of course. I go to the same one before I head over to babysit so I don't have to lug around my coffee creamer and have to worry about using all of my aunt and uncle's K-Cups.

There is one woman who works the drive-thru every time I go through. Her name is Margo and she has to be somewhere in her mid-50s. I get excited when I hear her voice on the speaker system or pull up to the window to see her tan skin, freckles, and on point eyeliner no matter how early it is. She always asks how my day is going, calls me "love" and "doll" and never fails to wish me a good day or a good weekend.

Now, I'm sure she does this to everybody and I'm not a special little flower in Margo's life. She probably sees hundreds of people in a day and tells them all to have a nice day with a smile on her face. But isn't it amazing what a little bit of politeness and kindness can do for somebody? I give friends Margo updates because she makes my day. I even saw Margo today! She told me to enjoy my Friday and have a nice weekend, to which I told her the same, of course.

I have Margos all around. The manager at the Starbucks around the corner from the boutique I work in who knows me by name, the worker at the salad and wrap place I go to on campus who always chats with me, the maintenance worker in my residence hall who helped me out countless times throughout my two years in the dorm.

Try to be a Margo to somebody, not just today, but as often as you can. Be that little ray of sunshine in somebody's life because it clearly can make a difference.


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