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Fairy Cakes Cupcakery & Mini Apartment Haul

To kick off my last seven days in western New York, I figured what better way than to explore a tiny section of Buffalo in the name of photoshoots and cupcakes. My friend Katie and I pretty much set up shop behind a museum near Elmwood to take photos of three separate outfits, which you'll see within the next few weeks on this blog. And of course, all trips out must involve a good ole homemade cupcake. She mentioned that she wanted to try a place called Fairy Cakes Cupcakery, which conveniently was not very far from where we were taking photos. Score!

I got a coffee and brown sugar cupcake while we were there to give me a little sugar rush before we went school supply and apartment/dorm shopping. I picked up quite a few things, which I could potentially show in future posts, but here's a little sneak peak at what I purchased at Home Goods for my room!

First thing, I picked up this incredible white faux fur rug for only $40. We have hardwood floors in our apartment, so I just wanted a chic little throw rug to have in front of my mirror or maybe in a sitting area depending on space and if I ever decide to drop some money on a nice chair.

I also couldn't help but pick up these adorable framed prints for my wall. Honestly, at first I only had the one to the right and right before my friend and I left Home Goods, she saw the one on the left (which is my favorite Lauren Conrad quote) and I knew that I needed it in my life ASAP.

I picked up a couple of decorative candles at Home Goods, this Calvin Klein one being one of the lucky ones. This one actually smells pretty good too so the chances of me actually burning this one are high. I also had to get this little Make It Happen notebook because it coordinates well with my room and I love little inspirational sayings. I am going to be the type of person that has inspirational throw pillows and all of that junk when I'm a "grown up."

We're at four days until move-in day now and I am so excited to see how all of my little knick-knacks are going to come together!


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