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All Packed Up & Ready To Go

For the third summer in a row, my life has been sorted into boxes once again. My closet has been cleared, I've sorted through my book collection to see which ones made the cut to be on display in my new bedroom. My makeup drawers have been cleaned, sorted, and taped shut to ensure the safety of my prized possessions. My belongings have been consolidated and shrunken down into little pieces that can be transported across state lines. Life as I know it is now contained in two car loads worth of boxes, bags, and suitcases.

I'm used to this by now. I clear my room of my belongings that are part of the current me. When I leave, my room is a shell of who I was a few years ago, a time capsule of sorts. It's my same blue walls, the collage quote I made at the beginning of high school. My cork board in front of my desk has the same photos from the last few months of my senior year.

I like it this way. It gives my stability when I come home, a little blast to the past every time I step into my room. I like getting glimpses of who I used to be because it reminds me how much better off I am.



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