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Advice for College Freshmen #2: Managing Your Class Schedule

The grid class schedules you're given (potentially, I have to print my own off, sigh) can seem pretty daunting. Sizable time gaps between your classes look measly and the fifteen minute gaps manage to look even smaller. All of the separate blocks make it seem like there is so much more going on, like your schedule is too full. Trust me, I've been there. So here are a few things you can do to make your class schedule seem more manageable

1. Map out your walk and find your classrooms

I did this the day before classes my freshmen year with my roommates just to see where in relation to each other my classes were (and where the rooms were in general). It was really helpful to avoid wandering around the campus trying to find my buildings and classrooms and to avoid the first day nerves and anxiousness of trying to ask upper classmen for help with directions, even if there is nothing to be afraid about in that aspect. If you have a close schedule, say 10 or 15 minutes between classes across campus, try to time out the distance between each class room. If there's a will, there's a way and you will make it to class on time!

2. Find places to hide out between classes

If you don't live on campus and have large gaps between your classes, it's always nice to have a spot where you can chill during your breaks. Find a spot in the library or if there's some sort of dining hall you can set up shop in. It's a nice way to keep you on campus rather than driving to and from home. It's something that will stop you from being tempted to stay at home during your breaks.

3. Bring work with you

If you have large gaps between your classes, a good idea is to always have class work with you. Take advantage of your free time so that you have less work to do when you're at home or back in your dorm. Getting all of your work out of the way early allows for those lovely binge sessions on Netflix or endless scrolling on Pinterest and Tumblr.

4. Stay hydrated and eat regularly

If you're stuck on campus all day, be sure to either bring snacks with you or find your favorite places on campus to eat. Nothing is worse than your stomach growling during class or that nausea brought on by hunger. Always keep a water bottle with you to stay hydrated during your classes and in the breaks between.


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