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Move In Day!

As you might know, today was the day I moved into my first apartment! And now, at 9PM as I’m writing this, I have officially unpacked everything (though my closet is still an absolute mess that I am afraid to look at—nothing is even color or style coordinated and it’s driving me nuts). Today was a big day that I’ve been looking forward to for months upon months. 

What I was looking forward to when I moved in: 

1. Seeing my friends
2. Seeing my cat
3. My new bedding
4. Making a space my own again

What I’m looking forward to after moving in: 

1. Sleep
2. Sleep
3. Sleep
4. Coffee
5. Sleep 

Needless to say, moving house is so exhausting, especially when you have to assemble (see: when your parents have to assemble) your entire bed for you in the span of four hours. I feel so achy and tired and I just want to sleep but I feel like that’s a big waste of time at the moment. So, I made myself a nice big cup of coffee and now I’m going relish in the fact that I’m now a big girl in her first apartment. EEEEEEEEK!!!!!


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