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What's In My Bag?

My handbag, more specifically. I've done a "what's in my schoolbag post" before (which never really changes), but the last time I did a "what's in my handbag" post was during my senior year in high school. It's fair to say that some thing have changed, like the actual bag I'm carrying and its contents. I like to prepared for all situations (mostly situations that involve my complete and utter boredom), so there are some...non-handbag like things in there. Without further ado, here is everything I carry around with me on an almost daily basis.

I got this purse two summers ago as a "congrats, you're going to college" gift (anybody else make up stupid reasons to buy yourself things?) and have used it religiously since. It's the black Kate Spade Wellesley Alessa (which you can still find at outlet stores in different colors!) and it's everything I could want in a handbag in more. It has a removable cross body strap which I took off last night so I could carry it over my elbow.

I almost always have a book or a magazine in my purse (usually both, but for weight reasons I took this month's issue of Vogue out). I've been carrying around Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Márquez and have yet to start reading it because I just haven't had the time. I also carry around a mini notebook and a pen (wouldn't Elle Woods use this one?) and a pencil just incase I need to write something down very fast and my phone notes just aren't cutting it. And, like most people, I carry around two seasonal hand sanitizers because the fall and winter scents smell infinitely better that spring and summer scents. 

I carry around my wallet sometimes if I have cash on me, which is also by Kate Spade. Then I carry my Coach coin purse with a Vera Bradley lanyard where I keep my debit card, license, and college ID for super quick on the go access. 

Not surprisingly, I currently have a perfume and four different lipsticks in my bag at the moment. I am notorious for forgetting that I have then in my bag and tend to forget to put them back into my lipstick drawer. Right now, from left to right, I have NYX Addis Ababa, NYX Sydney, TooFaced Melted Strawberry, and Chanel Extatique

Not pictured: a massive stack of napkins that I stole from Tim Hortons, random change that I throw in the bottom of my bag on those rare days I pay with cash, a pink paperclip, and receipts from the dining halls on campus. 

What's one thing you have to carry with you in your purse?


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