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Top Ten Summer Favorites

Despite the official start of summer not being until the end of this month, it has felt like summer since I finished my second year of college back in early May. Summer isn't my favorite season of the year (hello, fall), but I tend to enjoy summer events more than any other time of the year. I like sunshine, just not the blistering heat and humidity. I don't mind laying out for a tan, I just dislike that it feels like a waste of precious time today. However, there are quite a few things that I truly enjoy about the summer that make me not completely dread the three month season. 

1. Summer concerts
2. Driving with the windows down at all times
3. Bright lipstick shades
4. Being able to run outside
6. Baseball games
7. Trading in a dress and flats for a bikini and a magazine
8. Iced drinks that magically taste better during the summer months
9. The chances of Harry Styles wearing little shorts increases
10. Did I mention driving with the windows down?

A lot of my summers have revolved around working for the past few summers, but I always make sure to fit in time for some of the activities listed above. A concert is always involved, my windows are never up during the summer unless there's a sideways rain, and my eyes are always peeled for Harry Styles in little shorts. I can't help it. 

What's your favorite part about summer?


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