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Good Reads

1. To Hell With Minimalism I'm constantly torn between wanting a simple and polished wardrobe and wanting ALL OF THE MIXED PRINTS.

2. Two Year Anniversary Living In New York City I always get so nervous reading people's experiences about living in New York because it's honestly a dream of mine to live there for a small portion of my twenties.

3. Short & Sweet This outfit has everything I could ever want and more: scallops, peach, bows, and a straw hat.

4. Our Go-To Bronzers for Summer My trusty Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer is on its last legs, so I'm definitely on the prowl for a new bronzer ASAP.

5. Show Me Your Dubsmash? I'd like to personally thank my friend Aly for making me obsessed with this app. I also love that Liam Payne (from One Direction) and his beautiful girlfriend seem to love it just as much.

6. A Quick Guide To Santorini I really wish I could just hop right into photos.

7. Caitlyn Jenner Introduces Herself on the Cover of Vanity Fair All I have to say is "hell to the yes." Feeling incredibly proud and happy for Caitlyn right now.

8. Before and After: Tie Front Cut Out Dress HOLY DIY. This is amazing. I WISH I was this talented to transform a skirt into this masterpiece.

9. Veggie (Dessert) Bites: Reverse Chocolate Chip Cookies I really need to start getting back into baking! I just need a little spare time!

10. What To Do When You're Meeting Someone New I constantly need advice like this because I am the type of person who over analyzes every little thing. Maxie (via TCP) always gives the best advice!

What have you been reading lately?

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