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1. John Mayer

I have, and probably will continue to have, an eternal love for John Mayer's music. He's a bit dreamy himself (but also a bit of a dick, if I'm being honest), but there's something about his music that has had me in this musical binding contract for the better half of my life. I have issues where I have so much music on my iTunes that I either only listen to the songs that I've recently purchased or added to my playlists. If I'm sick of that music entirely, then I'll resort to listening to music on Spotify. Then when I think "hey, I've got way too much music on my computer to utilize Spotify 24/7" I'll go back into my iTunes library and pick out music at random.

Maybe it's been more of a rekindling of my love for John Mayer's music over the course of the past month, but I cannot get enough of him. I kept his albums on a constant loop at work during early May, his album Room for Squares replaced 1989 in my car for a solid two weeks (this is monumental, that CD does not leave my car). His music makes me want to sing ("No Such Thing"), curl into a ball and cry (all of Continuum and "Edge of Desire"), and cruise around on a sunny day with a smile on my face (his two newest albums).

2. Nads Wax Strips

I never thought I would put this on a list of things I'm loving mostly because before this week, there was nothing to love about them. I bought my first box of these forever ago when I couldn't figure out how in the hell to remove all of the hair from my face. If my name wasn't a dead giveaway, I'm very Italian in almost every sense, which means that I have a lot of unwanted hair lingering around my face, mostly on my upper lip and on my chin. I've spent a good majority of my morning routine over the course of the past seven or eight years trying to bleach, wax, pluck, and just generally remove the hair from my face.

I was in a pinch this week. If I'm not going anywhere, there's a good chance I'm not going to waste my time plucking the longer hairs on my chin or upper lip. So between not going anywhere on Sunday or Monday aside from my grandparent's house both nights, there was no real reason to spend time grooming. But this meant that my hair finally grew long enough to wax off. I was prepared with tweezers in hand before I looked in the closet for bleach (which I didn't find) and found the old box of these wax strips. There were only three left and I figured why not? The worst thing that would happen is that they wouldn't work and I'd just have to pluck like I intended on.

Oh. My. God. Guys. These things are fantastic. I heated mine up with a blowdryer because I'm too impatient to rub them between my hands, which makes the wax tacky. You apply the strips in the same direction that your hair grows, pull your skin taut, and then rip up in the opposite direction of your hair. For the most part, this works incredibly well! It's not a miracle in a wax strip, but it makes my life a lot easier. I think I've decided for my new system instead of trying to pluck everything every day, I might bleach it during the off days and when it's long enough to wax, rip that sh*t out.

Welcome to the first TMI on LATF...

3. Sweet Potato Fries

I forgot how nice it was to have an oven. Sweet potato fries are my favorite snack when I'm home during the summer because they're so simple, but delicious. I season mine with some salt, pepper, and cayenne powder! I usually eat the Alexi brand, who also have their own version of the spicy fries, but I always add a bit more just for that extra kick.

4. The Month of May

I don't know, there was just something about May that was really great. Maybe it was the fact that I finished my second year or all of the family parties packed into the span of a couple of weeks. It was just a really great month, which I talked about in detail in my May Reflection post.

5. Resort 2016 Collections

I woke up this morning and went for a little scroll through the dashboard on my fashion tumblr only to discover some gorgeous Resort 2016 collections from Erdem, Tory Burch, and Donna Karan. Glamour magazine has an ongoing snapchat story about the resort collections, including up and close photos, behind the scenes looks at them, the showrooms, and even videos of the clothes behind modeled. I missed seeing new collections on my dash!


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