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Revamped: The Great Lipstick Adventure

(Alternately titled, The Hungers Games: Lipstick Edition)

About a month or so ago, I embarked on what I called The Great Lipstick Adventure after I had purchased far too many lipsticks in one weekend between two trips to Sephora and Nordstrom. It spanned the course of about a week and a half and essentially it was me wearing one new shade every day so that it felt like my purchases were justified and so I could, you know, test them out. Only nine or ten colors went into my first "adventure." 

I usually end up having to reorganize my lipstick drawer three to four times a week because it becomes a complete and utter mess after digging through it to find the same few colors that are my solid go-to's. While I love that I have certain colors that I know can go with anything and become a bit of a signature look for me, a lot of my lipsticks become neglected a few weeks after their initial purchase because I either replace them with something new and exciting or go the safe route with a tried and true shade and brand. 

All of this got me thinking that maybe I should tweak my Great Lipstick Adventure a bit in order to include all of the shades that I currently have in my collection.

As of today, I am officially embarking on The Great Lipstick Adventure 2.0 in an effort to give some love to all of the shades in my collection. I've acquired a lot of spring and summer shades over the course of the past month, so I'm going to focus more on those shades while the weather is still nice.

This has a purpose, of course, other than to just look incredibly cute every day. I have too many lipsticks. I can admit this. I also have a weird attachment to all of my lip colors, even if I don't wear them ever. Maybe the color doesn't suit me anymore or the formula is just bad.

Every time I wear a certain color, I'm going to put a star next to it. The goal is to at least make sure that a star is next to every shade. Shades with many stars next to them will stay in the collection and anything that hasn't been worn often enough will be tossed (unless it's not used in the slightest and could be passed off for a friend as long as it wasn't problems with the quality of the product). If I want to purchase a new lip color, I have to purge one that I already own in return.

I'm pitting all of my lipstick shades against each other this summer in an attempt to see who's the best of the best. I might check in periodically about this with photos, proper reviews, approximate wear time, so on and so forth.

Not pictured: F-Bomb from Urban Decay, Siren from Revlon, and Tangerine from Bite
Some beauty, clothing, and general life cleansing and minimizing needs to happen this summer, so I might as well make it a bit fun! Wish me luck!


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