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Apartment Checklist

The best (and sometimes the only) way to ensure that I do or get something is if I make myself some sort of list. Post-it notes are probably the only reason I remember that I need shampoo or that I have to take a quiz by 11:59 PM on a Sunday. Something tells me that shopping for and furnishing an apartment might require a bit more than a hot pink post-it note dangling off of my wall...

My tentative move-in date is in approximately two months and I have nothing besides a bedside table that may or may not match the rest of the wood furniture in my room...because I have none...I'm starting from scratch for this apartment, essentially. The bed I have at home is rickety, my feet touch the end of it, and it still has Pokemon stickers somewhere on it from elementary school. I'd rather just get decent-ish furniture online that will deliver right to my unit so that I don't have to worry about packing up tons of furniture and magically transporting it in my tiny little car from New York to Ohio. Or moving it into the actual unit because been there, done that and it killed me a little bit inside.

Sometimes I like to draw out floor plans for how I plan on organizing my room and based on my tentative idea, this is some of the furniture and its counterparts that I'm going to have to get myself within the next two months:

+ Bedframe and all of its amenities (mattress, box spring, bedding, etc)
+ Desk (maybe) (I have one at home but I'm not sure whether I want to transfer it yet)
+ Long, standing mirror (so that I can gaze at myself longingly from across the room)
+ Metal mesh drawers for inside of my closet (like in Carly Cristman's closet)
+ Throw pillows and wall art (both of these apply both to my room and the entire apartment)

*This post has be sponsored by Francesca's never ceasing desire to be living in her apartment, despite writing this post with Cash sleeping on her legs.*


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