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May Reflection

I know everyone says this and will continue to say this for the rest of eternity, but May seriously flew by. It was one of those fleeting months in my life where a bunch of things happened, but none of them feel like they did. But alas after 31 days, too many cups of coffee, and an arsenal of new lipsticks, here I am sitting on my couch at home with yet another mug of coffee next to my dog writing about the previous month.

I'm ridiculously proud and happy with the state of my Color Calendar this month. There's only one day in which I didn't categorize it as "good" or "awesome" and that was because it was the day I was moving things out of my dorm and I also had car troubles so it was just an all around "neutral" day. It wasn't even bad! What a change from last year, what a change...

I spent the first nine days of the month still in Cleveland, studying, taking finals, packing, and working. UGH, the last day at work was the worst because all I wanted to do was stay and play with clothes and try on all of the new arrivals that were coming in the following weeks (some of them are still up on the website and I highly recommend checking them out). 

May (and how I predict the rest of June and July to be) has been completely bittersweet. I love being home because I love love love my family to pieces and would be absolutely nowhere without them, but I also miss my friends back in Cleveland like hell and feel like I'm missing out being home for three months. I'm going to be spending a great majority of the next 12 months with them (who knows, maybe the next 2 years entirely!!!), but still, that pesky FOMO is plaguing me. 

This month has been a cluster of family party after family party. As soon as I got home there was a combined Mother's Day/birthday party for my brother the next day. The next week there was a birthday party for my precious little cousin. The week after that there was a combined party for three of my cousins for graduating college and grad school and then a going away party for their brother. And then if that wasn't enough party action, there was a Memorial Day party the next day. I can't even think about the wedding party later this week...

I also started working my first job this once. So far, so good. I honestly can't complain. It's simple behind the scenes campaign stuff. And once again, I'll be working at the luggage store starting this week. I'm very excited to start making money again and for once in my life, actually save it because I have real bills to pay for that I can't just forget about because I want my seventh shade of red lipstick. It's all for the greater good of the loft, that's what I'm telling myself...

June and July are going to be busy busy busy, but then once August hits I'm going to be legitimately on my own with some great friends and I am genuinely so pumped. In June I expect a lot more work, hopefully some furniture shopping, and I'm crossing my fingers for a trip to Cleveland because I am missing my best friend like hell. 

How was your month of May? 


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