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1. The Secret of Valentino's Success Revealed Life goals: own a pair of Valentino Rockstud heels.

2. How Jessica Alba Built a $1 Billion Company, And $200 Million Fortune, Selling Parents Peace of Mind Filing this under "Girls Doing Cool Things"

3. How Jaime King Went From a "Poser" to a Member of Taylor Swift's Girl Gang do I sign up to join Taylor's Girl Gang? On the real side of things, just be nice to one another. It's simple as that. I told my cousin and her friends last night to treat one another like 1989 Taylor Swift would treat somebody else.

4. Looks Like Luxury Is Losing Its Cachet Look at me getting into the business-y side of things. I've always claimed I'm not a massive fan of statistics and numbers, but apparently they're interesting when they have something to do with fashion!

5. Our Alaska Trip! Well, Carly has officially made me want to travel to Alaska, so there's that...

6. MR Round Table: The Evolution of Personal Style Blogs If you're a fan of blogs, Gary Pepper Girl, or the evolution of different niches on the inter webs, check this discussion out.

7. Draper James Look, if Reese Witherspoon has anything to do with it, I want in.

8. Our Must-Have Texturizers For Perfectly Un-Done Locks I swear by the Living Proof texturizing mist. It's probably the only product that has actually given my hair a tousled look. Definitely looking forward to trying some of the other options listed!

9. NY Closets: Joyann King Once again, my favorite blog series pops up here.

10. DIY Scalloped Painted Pots I really want to incorporate plants and succulents into my apartment come August and I couldn't think of a better way to decoratively store them. So cute! And it might actually be doable for me.

11. Colourpop Swatch Fest Aaaaand we're back to including videos in my Good Reads posts. Guys. GUYS. FIVE DOLLAR INSANELY PIGMENTED LIPSTICKS? I need in. They have some crazy bright and wild colors and I've already started bookmarking the ones I'm purchasing when I don't owe all of my money to my mother to pay her back for a security deposit and One Direction pauvre coeur.

What have you been reading lately?


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