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60s Aesthetics

Personal style has always been something that interested me. Usually, it's less of a focus on my own personal style (which I believe to be nonexistent or at least unplaceable) and more on the many that I see plastered on magazines, littering my Pinterest and Tumblr dashboards, popping up in my Instagram feed, or even walking around on campus. I'm fascinated by street style and how celebrities and models look when they're off duty.

I admire people who can stick to a certain style, even if it's for a short period of time. Taylor Swift has gone through her fashion periods, but they've all been relatively consistent up to this point. There's a full committal to edgy, preppy, bohemian, minimalist, even ranging to different cultural and era influences. The dedication to one true style baffles me, as it is something that I've never been able to do. I don't have the time of funds to completely commit to a certain style.

There are days where I want to wear floral skirts and ballet flats and other days where I have the urge to wear a baggy sweater with ripped jeans. My style has no name, no single factor that is able to be pinned to a certain time period or life style. And while I enjoy being able to switch between different looks on the daily, I've always been jealous of people who have their one true look that they can rock repeatedly and it rarely gets old. There's always a fresh twist or a spin on the era they're trying to channel.

Alexa Chung is one of my style icons, somebody whose wardrobe will always floor me. Even the simplest of outfits somehow manage to make me drool because she makes them look so cool. But the one aspect of her style that I truly admire and wish I could recreate and channel is her 60s "It Girl" looks, a mod style that actually turns me into the *heart eyes* emoji. While I'm sure it gets a bit annoying and stale to feel forced into dressing a certain way and having thousands of girls alike trying to mimic your fashion sense, it's hard not to idolize high neckline shift dresses, loafers, smock dresses, and the collared dresses that Chung flawlessly models on the regular.


I'm trying to work in more timeless pieces into my wardrobe, and while technically 70s fashion has been on trend the past couple of seasons on the runway, the 60s style is still lingering in the inspiration for different lines and I am holding onto the hope that it'll never go out of style *cue Taylor Swift sing-along*

Do you think that you have one specific style?


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