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1. Lasting Finish by Kate Moss for Rimmel London in 11 Kiss of Life

I was gifted this lipstick by the mom of some kids I babysit because she wasn't a fan on the shade on herself. I am incapable of turning down a red lipstick and I've wanted to try the Kate Moss line for a while so it was a win/win situation.

As for the actual lipstick, LOOK AT THAT RED, LOOK AT IT. It's another creamy matte that applies really smoothly on the lips. Given that, the wear time isn't as great as some of my other reds like NARS Dragon Girl or Covergirls Hot Passion, but the color itself is worth it. It's a gorgeous true, statement red. It's not too bold, which makes it a lovely every day sort of red. It fades a bit in the center of the lips, but it layers well without it being patchy!

2. Essie Fiji nail polish

I exclusively wear this color on my toes during the summer. Even when I don't have a tan, this somehow makes my feet and lower legs look tan. I don't know how it works, but it's an amazing polish and lasts quite a long time. It's a creamy baby pink and can be a bit tricky when applying because it tends to gather in one area if you're not careful. Two or three coats later you'll get a nice opaque light pink!


3. Fall Out Boy

My cousin is fully to thank/blame for the rebirth of my Fall Out Boy obsession. A few weeks back he mentioned how she added some songs from From Under The Cork Tree to her running playlist and I've been on a consistent binge of their music, more specifically that album and their new single "Uma Thurman." I forgot how much I enjoyed their music (Infinity on High was my life in middle school).

4. Hashbrowns

It wouldn't be a true Things I'm Loving post without some wild card choice. I've been eating a lot of hash browns (of the shredded and diced sort) because I am physically incapable of cooking and they're really simple to make. I just added a little salt and a lot of pepper and I'm good to go for breakfast!

What have you been loving recently? 


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