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Chic & Cute Stationery

I am quite possibly one of the few weirdos who would ever refer to stationery as "chic" but I find that by getting cutesy notebooks and all of its accoutrements make for a much more entertaining school or writing experience. I am that person who will spend double or triple the money to ensure that all of my folders/notebooks/pens are somewhat adorable. I will never change, ever.

A lot of brands are releasing their agendas this month (which means yet another summer of debating between the Kate Spade agendas and the Lilly Pulitzer ones)(I might splurge and get one of each since I use two separate agendas anyways...), inspiring me to just look through some of my favorite stationery stores at their products in general. And let me just say...everything is getting cuter as the months go by, I swear. Here are some of my stationery picks at the moment!

What's your favorite stationery brand to splurge on?


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