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1. Summer Essentials How darling is that navy scalloped sundress? And stripes are forever, but I especially enjoy them during the summer months!

2. On Body Acceptance & Loving the Bits I want to magically send this link to everybody I have ever met who even has the slightest insecurity about their bodies, no matter who they are or what they look like to me. Everybody has their own self image struggles and I firmly believe everybody should love themselves regardless. <3

3. Blueberry Muffin Recipe Might as well tack this onto my great baking adventure this summer...

4. Design Finds of the Day SQUEALING because most of these seem to be from Target AKA the motherland AKA affordable and attainable home decor and furniture.

5. What's the Most Expensive Beauty Product You've Ever Purchased? I am the type of person who feels guilty if I make even the slightest connection with a worker and don't end up walking out of the store with something, so on occasion I will end up with something I didn't particularly intend on getting that day. But aside from a majority of my eyeshadow palettes, my Chanel or YSL lipsticks have to top my list of most expensive products. And I'm slightly okay with that, because Parks and Recreation taught me to treat myself!

6. Gilmore Girls I am still in the process of rewatching this show for approximately the third or fourth time. I've never watched the series sequentially, but I've seen every episode at least once, some twice, many even more than that depending on reruns. It is, without a doubt, my favorite television show. If you've never given this show a chance (I genuinely feel like everyone has?), take the final leap into Stars Hollow and bask in the snappy humor and small town vibe and the fabulousness of Emily Gilmore, who has easily become one of my favorite characters.

7. How I Afford to Travel Um, how do I keep this filed in my brain for the rest of forever?

8. Pink in Paris As much as I am enjoying the gorgeous weather, sometimes I miss my own J. Crew cocoon coat...

9. Finding Personal Discipline This is definitely something I've had to adapt after the transition of high school to college, and something I'm continuously adapting to fit the new facets in my life as they appear.

10. Why Meghan Trainor's Music Is Garbage I share this (potentially) unpopular opinion on Meghan Trainor for the same reasons and also because of some poorly made jokes on anorexia. Pro tip: don't make jokes about eating disorders, they will all be poorly made and naturally don't sit well with people.

11. What to Do When You're Lacking Confidence I'm fairly new to this whole confidence thing (a majority of it comes from the fake it til' you make it mantra I have engrained deep into my mind), so sometimes it gets a bit shaky and unsteady. These are some solid tips to find my footing in confidence again.

What have you been reading recently?


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