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The "Running" Short Trend

No, I'm not talking about walking around in Nike brand running shorts and calling it fashion, though you are welcome to wear whatever you want whenever you want. I'm usually insanely jealous at people who can parade around in workout attire and look fantastic while I look like a heated mess.

Alas, there is a new trend (maybe it just exists in my own head, but it should be a trend if it's not officially considered one) that combines the comfort of running shorts with the chicness of printed dress shorts. I got my first proper pair of "jogger shorts" with the drawstrings and everything a few weeks ago at work and they're a game changer in my wardrobe. I found a few more options for purchase incase you wanted to get in on the fashionable running shorts trend, not meant for running of any sort, except maybe for running to Starbucks in a car.

These ones from the Topshop line at Nordstrom are definitely the most casual looking. They have the white hem along the bottoms and remind me of vintage gym uniforms.

The next pair is from Talina Hermann are a lot like the Topshop shorts but they have a full elastic waistband rather than a drawstring. They're black with the white piping at the bottom with a cut up the side to allow for movement.

PacSun is probably the ultimate place to find boho versions of the jogger shorts. This printed pair from the Kendall and Kylie collection are a bit more cheeky than the other pairs and fall a little higher on the hips.

This flowy pair from Urban Outfitters are more "dressy" mostly because of the fabric and the matching drawstring to the shorts. These allow for the same comfort as a pair of running shorts with the combination of the lyocell fabric (it's good for draping!) and loose silhouette.

If you're looking for a dressier pair of "jogger shorts," this pair from Gap can fulfill your needs. They're navy with a yellow floral print AND THEY HAVE POCKETS!!!

How do you feel about the "jogger" shorts?

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