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First Impressions: Skinny Teatox

I've been fascinated by tea detoxes for a while now and natural detoxes in general. While I'd certainly never be able to rock a juice cleanse like A-listers (I'm side-eyeing you in particular, Harry Styles), a tea detox seemed a lot less daunting and repetitive as a juice cleanse. I already drink tea on a daily basis, albeit with three too many spoons of sugar, so it would only take a bit of tweaking and routine setting to get myself into the morning/night drinking schedule.

The opportunity to try out the Skinny Teatox could not have come at a better time either. The last two weeks of classes involved a lot of finals preparation, actual studying, working, packing, and taking said finals. All of that left very little time to exercise or even to eat properly and healthily. I'd skip meals then would make up for the lost calories by eating ice cream in bed while I watched Gilmore Girls and pretended to study for Spanish. It wasn't a healthy way to live and it makes me sick to my stomach thinking about how lazy my regular diet got.

Once I came home, I started eating in mass amounts just because I wasn't used to having this much good food around. I eat dinner at my grandparent's house three times a week (the big Sunday night dinner with my entire extended family; Monday night dinner that my parents bring to my grandparents; and the less popular Thursday night dinner with a few of my aunts) and I can practice no self control when it involves those three days. And this isn't even mentioning all of the parties that my family manages to have over the summer, between birthdays and holidays and more recently, weddings.

Long story short, I've definitely been overeating and summer time is certainly not the best time for this to be happening. I have high hopes that this detox will be a kickstart in the right direction for me this summer. Do I expect miracle results? No, not miracle results, but I do think that it'll make me feel good from the inside out and will be the first step in my health journey this summer.

The Skinny Teatox is, according to their brochure, "a detox which uses the combination of special teas to promote good health and weight loss." The listed benefits are weight loss, boosted metabolism, increased energy levels and a suppressed appetite. Basically, you drink a loose leaf tea every morning (a cute strawberry tea infuser is available for purchase if you don't already have one) and then every other night, you have an evening tea bag. Personally, I prefer the taste of the evening tea to the morning tea, but I've been surprised at my ability to drink both without adding any sugar. I like my drinks sweet, but I've been almost forcing myself to get through my cups without any added sweetness so I don't tarnish any of the benefits of the teas.

I've only been partaking in this tea detox for four days (technically, today is my fifth day) and it spans the length of two weeks. So I'm not even half way there yet, but I figured I'd give a little first impressions of how I'm doing so far with the detox. As I said, the teas are surprisingly not bad coming from a person who literally needs to order her coffees triple-triple 90% of the time.

The daytime tea is meant to be a stimulant that gives you energy throughout the day as well as increasing your metabolism and aiding in the suppressing of appetite. I can't say much about the appetite thing yet, but I don't crash as early in the night as I usually do. Lately, I've barely been able to keep my eyes open past nine o'clock and have to push myself through until around 11. But this entire week, I haven't felt lethargic during the day time or incredibly sluggish. Even on Tuesday when the weather was bleak and a bit gloomy, I didn't look out the windows and think "I just want to sleep."

I've only taken the evening tea twice, as you're supposed to drink it every other night. This might get a bit TMI, but the brochure lists a warning about the evening tea that it has laxative effects. Maybe it's just me, but I haven't had any, er, uncomfortable side effects of the tea. I just drink it like normal and can sleep fine during the night. Soo...perhaps the laxative effects is just a precautionary thing just incase it does happen to you. Just a little tidbit!

Four days of a teatox certainly isn't enough time to judge a product or system entirely, so I'll definitely check it at the end of my teatox to give a more detailed and helpful review of it. But so far, I've been fairly impressed! I'm definitely excited to get to the end of the two weeks just to see how well this detox really works. If you want to try your own Skinny Teatox, you can search through their flavor and system options on their website!

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  1. Great review, I've been wanting to try this! Like you, I drink tea daily so I know this wouldn't be a drastic change.


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