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1. Get Your Sh*t Together and Exercise I've been seriously entertained by Leandra's Instagram workout videos.

2. April Favorites I want to try that NARS foundation so bad!

3. Birk Bandwagon I was just talking to a customer about Birkenstocks yesterday!! I'm definitely going to have to get a pair!

4. The Ultimate Flat Sandal Shopping Guide This summer is the summer of shoe shopping for me!

5. Musician to Know: BANKS Banks is SO COOL. Definitely give her a listen.

6. Home Away From Home That Kate Spade leaf printed top is incredible.

7. Girls at a Garden Centre I need to get some flowers ASAP. This looks like such a fun place!

8. Chocolate Covered Oreo Balls I will have access to a full kitchen in six days!

9. Smitten Kitten Charlotte Olympia flats are at the top of my "to buy" list.

10. The Pineapple Express Mostly posting this for my best friend Katie. Here you go, pal.

11. The Importance of Female Friendship Throwing out a big @ to all of the wonderful women in my life. You're the bomb dot com.

What have you been reading lately?


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