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Finals Week Roundup

It's officially the start of finals week for me, so #PRAYFORME. I have my first exam at noon today and I am slightly terrified. I'm not worried about not doing well in the class, but more worried about stressing out too much over something that, in the long run, will not matter that much. It's weird! I freak out for so long about these finals, take them, and they're rarely as terrible as I anticipate.

In the past, I've done quite a few finals week related posts as well as mid-terms and study tips. I've decided to make a sort of "master post" or roundup of all of these to reference throughout the week and as a helpful little guide to navigate through finals.

1. More Finals Week Tips
2. Stress Relievers
3. Finals Prep List
4. One Month Until Finals
5. Midterm Survival Guide
6. Finals Week: Crunch Time
7. Finals Are Coming...
8. Studying Tips
9. The Anatomy of a Good College Paper
10. Finals Week Woes
11. Studying Playlist
12. How to Study in College


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