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Things I Do Daily

I am a creature of habit. I can admit this and I have accepted it with open arms. I get comfortable in routines and doing certain activities daily and when I don't get to do those certain things...well, I become a sad Francesca. However, I'm pretty good at making time to do all of the things that I like to (read: I force myself to stay up late, wake up early, or rush through homework...) as of late. And these things are obviously besides things like showering, brushing my teeth, and all those great hygienic things.

1. Write 

This is other than posts and such. I like to write and even if it's only one paragraph of prose or some dialogue, I still feel like I accomplished something. 

2. Cry because of Harry Styles

Have you seen that boy? He is like...chiseled but soft and handsome yet adorable? He is a living and breathing juxtaposition I cannot handle his perfection any more. All of this can apply to Zayn Malik as well.

3. Reorganize my lipsticks

My drawer becomes a mess after I try to sift through it for a new color every day. Don't judge. I like my things to be organized and half of the time I can't even shut the drawer. I need to do another purge...

4. Blog, duh!

If it wasn't obvious by now, I post a new blog every day (even on weekends!) on here. I just like the habit of rambling about something for a few hundred words daily. It's like word vomit or info dumping on my friends, except I post it for however many people who read this.

5. Dance

I am a dancer and a prancer and all of those obnoxious things in between. If there is catchy music on (though my friends will tell you that I have tried to dance to every genre of music because I just like to move), there is no stopping me from jumping around and twirling and swiveling my hips at least a beat or two off rhythm. I do it when I'm getting ready for classes or work, when I'm at work, occasionally when I'm walking and nobody is around, in the mall, at the grocery store, most frequently at Target...It's all good for the soul, I promise.

What are some things that you do daily? 


  1. I feel this list SO DEEPLY... Especially #2... I must admit I do this 343423434 times a day. xx

    1. Harry is such a dream boat and Zayn.....he is just on another level, let's be real. I'M SO GLAD THIS LIST RESONATES WITH YOU. <3


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