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1. Sweet Berry Pressed Juice 

Some days I just can't get to fruit, but I can always find myself at a Starbucks. It's a sad truth about my life's terrible priorities. I've been picking these up when I want to trick myself into the mindset that I'm actually being healthy when it would really just be more beneficial for me to eat the actual fruit. However, these little guys are just too good to pass up! I prefer the consistency to Naked Juices, as it is much more of a thin liquid and tastes less sugary. The Sweet Berry flavor is the only one I've tried so far, but I definitely want to give the Orange flavor a try as well.

2. Boyfriend Jeans from Gap

I'm normally a strictly skinny jeans person because I think they're just the most flattering on me and the easiest to wear with my clothing. However, I do own two pairs of boyfriend jeans from the Gap and I've been getting a lot of wear out of them recently. They're really nice for those more relaxed looks. I wore my looser pair to a baseball game and it was perfect for the occasion! Plus, it was warm that day and nobody wants to sit in the sun wearing skintight pants (I mean, Harry Styles probably would, but that boy would swim in skinny jeans if he could). If I want to go all out in the casual, relaxed look, you'll definitely me wearing a tee shirt, boyfriend jeans, and either a casual pair of loafers or my Keds!

3. Living Proof Texture Spray

I got this as a 100 point perk at Sephora over the weekend just for fun and I actually really love it! I have been using a sea salt spray, but I figured it'd be fun to switch it up (especially since, as much as I love it, the sea salt spray has a tendency to knot my hair if I use too much of it). I really like it so far! And it smells amazing in addition to giving my hair a nice bit of texture to muss up my curls or give a bit of flair to straight hair...which leads me into the next thing...

4. Straight Hair

Yes, it is a miracle. I haven't purposefully worn straight hair in a very, very long time. Nine times out of ten, you will find me with my hair curled. Those off days will either consist of my hair being in a bun, ponytail, natural if I'm feeling lazy...and now apparently, straight? I discovered that this haircut looks adorable straight some time last week when I was feeling lazy and running late one morning. Now it's my go-to lazy day hairstyle because it takes a total of five minutes start to finish, whereas curling my hair involves a lot of upper arm strength, clipping and reclipping sections, and a lot of hairspray, which is a process that takes 20 to 30 minutes depending on how tight I want the curls. Bless this discovery of looking decent with straight hair!!!

5. Lush "Sunny Side" Bubble Bar

Before Sunday, I was under the impression that I hated baths. I hated sitting stationary in a tub in an attempt to relax. I find it very difficult to sit in one place for an extended amount of time (which is one reason why I hate beaches as well) and I usually just feel like it's an utter waste of time. There are thousands of better things I could be doing than just lying around in a bathtub where I can't do anything for however long I decided to soak.

But, alas, Sunday happened and now I want to embrace bath time weekly. Yes, it was very difficult to get myself to relax. I think I texted my friend about...four minutes into my bath saying that I hated it. Around ten minutes, it finally hit me and I think I melted into the water. All of this is just leading up the fact that I used the most lovely Lush bubble bar that I need 10,000 more of. Yes, it leaves a ring of gold glitter around your tub afterwards. Yes, it smells a bit citrusy and sweet. And yes, I do intend on using the other half this week to relieve my stress after trying to finish and start my final assignments for spring semester (I'm going home in two weeks!!!)

What have you been loving lately? 


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