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Middle School Memories — A Playlist

First and foremost, happy 500th post!!! How exciting! I mean, talking about Francesca circa 2007-2009 isn't the best way to celebrate this milestone, but it's just how the cards had it planned out!


My music taste had a terrible identity crisis in middle school. Part of me wanted to be "cool" and listen go rap and hip-hop, another part of me wanted to act like an actual middle schooler and listen to boy bands and unapologetic girly pop (so basically what I listen to now), and the angsty part of me (also known at 90% of Francesca from ages 12 to 17) wanted to listen to pop/punk/rock combinations. My iTunes account dating back to middle school is an interesting place indeed, so I figured I'd share some of my favorite songs that I purchased during the time I spent being a miserable brat with really bad hair and teeth and even worse taste in music (though, admittedly, I still do listen to a majority of these songs, which is why I chose them).

Listen to Middle School Memories here!


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