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1. Amy Schumer Tackles Rape Culture in 'Friday Night Lights' Parody I personally think she nailed it. What about you?

2. Notes for the Spring It's been flip-flopping between being warm and cold, but at least the consistent sunshine brings a semblance of spring. Also, going to relay this question from the post: what are you reading this month?

3. Glitter Guide to my Office Actual home office goals, oh my goodness.

4. 20 Bright Finds To Spruce Up Your Home For Spring Might have to order some of these for my apartment... ;)

5. Finding a Minimalism That Works Best For You  I definitely need to find a minimalistic balance in my life.

6. 15 Things We've Learned So Far In 2015 RIP Zayn's involvement in One Direction...

7. Stylish Ways To Wear Spring Culottes If I was living in a chic city and regularly wore heels, I would definitely need a pair of these pants.

8. 10 Picks from Ikea's Spring Collection  I need EVERYTHING. All the furniture! Send it my way!

9. Sitting In Bars With Cakes I NEED to read this book!

10. Advice To College Seniors I'm not even finishing with my sophomore yet, but I'm on a track to graduating a semester early in a year and a half and this was really great preliminary advice!

11. Favorite Floral Fabrics I love the alliteration and every pattern. "Florals for spring? Groundbreaking."

What have you been reading lately?


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